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For Your Bride to Be

I don’t know if I should proclaim this as the year of the weddings or the year of the babies because both seem to be in full swing. Although babies are certainly on my mind, for good reason, I’m going to chat about the bride’s-to-be in your life. I realize it’s convenient and appreciated by the Mr. and Mrs. to receive monetary gifts, but for those of you that are close to the bride, adding something a bit more personal can be a very thoughtful touch. There are a ton of cute ideas out there and I’ve gathered some of my favorites to share with you. Logo tee’s would be perfect as the bride prep’s the morning of. They’re also great for traveling and to show off on the honeymoon immediately following! I love the thought of tying in a ‘something blue’ with a cute new pair of pj’s or an adorable polaroid camera. Again, think honeymoon. And there’s always the ‘wifey’ and ‘mrs.’ logo’s displayed on various items they’d use on a regular basis (ie, coffee mug, jewelry and iphone case). Any of which would bring an immediate smile to her face day after day.

Being a bride and becoming a wife is an extremely exciting time in a girl’s life. Going a step above your traditional gift will without a doubt overjoy your bride and help to make her day as memorable as ever!


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