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Now that we’ve turned the corner and entered June, we all know that Father’s Day is right around the corner! I tried to gather some somewhat authentic ideas and turned to one of the best dads around for recommendations, my husband :) I kept it short and concise, yet we managed to cover everything from cute little gag gifts to practical pieces, as well as a few splurge items. At this point, you’re still safe with shipping, just don’t wait too long to track something down and run into those shipping fees like I’ve been doing!

  1. Allbirds: Jack had been wanting these sneakers for some time now and I finally gifted them to him for his birthday last month. He loves them for their simple and sleek look and raves about their comfort.
  2. AirPods: This is another favorite in Jack’s book. Cordless headphones that stay in your ear, have a great battery life, fantastic sound and work with all apple devices. They’re great if you’re looking to spoil with a splurge gift.
  3. Father’s Day Tickets: These printable tickets are thoughtful and adorable. It’s something you could have your kids put together as well, but at $5 I’d find it worth it to have them looking so well done in a matter of minutes.
  4. Athletic Greens: When it comes to nutritional supplements, Jack has narrowed down his favorite to this one. He loves getting all his vitamins in without taking pills and mixes his with water or in a smoothie. This powder supplement helps with energy, immunity, gut health, hormonal support as well as healthy aging.
  5. Birkenstocks: Perfect for picnicking and trips to the pool. All you have to worry about is picking his favorite color!
  6. T-shirt: We always appreciate a good t-shirt and I’m eyeing this one up. My son would especially get a kick out of it! Here’s another one that I really like just as well.
  7. FitBod: Jack is obsessed with this app. He relies on it to plan his workouts, which it custom develops based on his body and fitness level. This way he can walk into the gym with a little more confidence ;)
  8. Socks: Need a good gag gift? These socks are hysterical and equally adorable once you slap a child’s face on there! What dad wouldn’t reach for these before work each morning?

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