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Family Photos

Today I wanted to share our most recent family photos you. With the kids being the ages they are (Jack 11, Madelyn, 8, Audrey 5), it seems as if they grow exponentially in between any professional photos we have done. This year in particular felt like we hit a sort of sweet spot…pre- teenage eye-rolling and post toddler defiance! Plus our children will do anything our friends Joel and Andrea of J&A Photography ask of them, so that’s a plus.

When it comes to pulling together outfits for families, my driving force is to end up feeling coordinated but not overly matchy. I typically work off of one piece of clothing that serves as inspiration, in this case it was the girls’ dresses. I’m thankful that they still love to wear the same thing and when I found this dress at Target I knew it was a winner. It was easy to work off of the navy for the rest of us and I had actually had a burgundy sweater ordered for little Jack that didn’t end up arriving on time. We found ourselves searching through Target the day prior to our shoot and ended up with this grey sweater that worked just fine. You certainly can mix in more than one print/pattern but you want to be sure that they don’t end up competing with one another. For example, with the floral print being quite large, I could potentially go with a navy button up shirt with a subtle pinstripe for little Jack, similar to how I added Jack’s burgundy striped tie. And when you do use prints, you always want to be sure to balance it out with some solid pieces. This will ensure your photos don’t end up feeling too busy, but allow the beauties in the pictures themselves to shine.

Outfits: My jumpsuit / Jack’s sweater / Girls’ dress (similar) and shoes

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