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Family Holiday Attire

We had a lot going on this past weekend, part of which included a quick family photo session. My main goal was to get a shot for our Christmas cards, but I also like to update some framed family photos we have around our home. This year, I decided to go festive with our attire. I already had some partial outfits put together, so there were only a few things I needed to track down for the kids. I enjoy working everyone’s outfits together, but a family of five pushes me a bit. I can’t imagine what it’s like for those families that are larger than ours!

I’m guessing there are a number of you in my same boat, working together outfits for your families whether it be for photos, upcoming holiday parties, Christmas church services, or all of the above. I plan on getting as much wear as possible out of these outfits, for the kids especially!

Below are some boards that serve as a mix-and-match for ladies, gents, girls and boys. I did my best to select pieces that would work easily with one another in an attempt to provide a little inspiration in case anyone is struggling. I hope it helps!

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