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Fall Vests

Ok ladies, today we are continuing our discussion on the oh so exciting topic of fall vests! ;) If you read Monday’s post, you saw that I begin the conversation with the very popular cargo vest. I also gave a number of shopping options on that post, so if you’re on the hunt for one, please refer back here. Today I’m sharing vests of every type including quilted, sweater, moto and denim. I didn’t include faux fur yet as I don’t typically break that out until winter. And with all of these options available to make use of, it’s not really needed yet! As I’ve mentioned before, these aren’t worn for warmth alone. Vests have a way of completing an outfit and at the same time allow you to show more of your style personality (is that a thing?). I other words, they help you to make a statement and say, I can pull an outfit together quite well, without speaking a word ;)


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