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Fall Layering

There are so many changes during fall. Colors change, leaves fall and temps go from high to low to high to low, day in and day out. Currently here in PA, we wake with 40 degree temps that rise to the 60’s by late afternoon only to rapidly drop the minute the sun begins to set. This may be an annoyance if you aren’t properly layered, but this is actually one of my favorite aspects of the season…the layers.

This is where those scarves, jackets and cardigans come into play. Starting with a base layer of pants (or overalls) and a top leaves a blank slate for layering overtop. I typically let one piece be a little bolder with a print or a pattern and keep the rest of the look rather neutral. In this case, I let my scarf make the statement and coordinated colors off of it. I layered a jacket and my scarf for the morning, then lost the jacket for a bit during the day and by evening threw on this cardigan for a little more comfort. The layers allowed me to fluctuate throughout the day without completely needing to change my outfit. A scarf or jacket are pieces that can easily be tossed in your car or even your tote if you’re running around the city making it easy to stay comfortable all day long!

Details: Overalls (see options below) / Top / Boots (similar below) / Jacket (similar) / Scarf (similar) / Earrings / Sunglasses

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