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Fall Favorites: Jackets

Hi guys! The rain didn’t allow for any photo shoots this weekend so instead I’ve decided to round up my favorite jackets for the fall. I’ve been asked about cute rain jackets as well, so they are included here too! I’ll be continuing with more fall favorites down the road; sweaters, boots etc, so if there’s anything you’d like to make sure I cover, let me know!

You’ll find two short sleeved jackets below and absolutely love them both. You may think the short sleeves defeat the purpose, but just think of it as a mix between a vest and a jacket. Layer your sweaters or flannels underneath, or even short sleeves when we inevitably jump back up into the 70’s. I’ve already worn this one a number of times, but I also adore the peplum bottom on this one.

Field jackets are must-haves for the fall. This one is a classic you’ll have for years to come and the camo print on this one makes it just as wearable but with a bit more character.

I may sound like a broken record when it comes to denim jackets, but when you find what works, you stick to it! This one is my all-time favorite. 100% worth the investment for the slim fit and perfect amount of stretch that keep it both comfortable and flattering. Then there’s this one that is basically a steal, but a fantastic fit for a looser, distressed style jacket.

I included two trench coats. Classic olive and khaki. How cute is the belt that comes with this olive jacket? And I ordered this one during the Nordstrom sale and I can’t say enough good things about it. I think it looks even better in person, and the color isn’t quite as saturated. The tie sleeves are playful and the front drapes open ever so perfectly as to not hide your entire outfit.

As for the rain jackets…I love the structure of this one and if your a sucker for bows, this one has a subtle tie on the back. This jacket is perfect paired with your atheleisure looks as you run around town or to and from the gym. And this jacket is what you may picture as your classic rain jacket. Plus, there’s a color for everyone!

And finally, I had to include this little number, because, well, how couldn’t I?! If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this one’s for you!


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