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Fall Favorites: Booties

If you’re anything like me, booties are probably a staple in your fall wardrobe. Each year I wear the heck out of at least a pair or two as I wear them nearly everyday. I think retailers have caught on because you’ll now find yourself in an ocean of booties when you go on the hunt for a pair. That may sound like a good thing to have so many options, but for myself, I’d much rather have a curated selection to choose from. I took the time to browse through hundreds upon hundreds of booties and narrowed them down to a little over a dozen in hopes that this may help some of you to make an easier decision.

I incorporated a few that make a little more of a statement, including animal print, ruffles, snakeskin and perforation in addition to the more classic styles. Most of these booties come in multiple colors, so make sure to click through the images below to get all of the details.

At first I was attempting to seek out budget friendly styles, but for me, when it comes to shoes that I’m wearing this frequently, comfort ultimately comes first and I didn’t want to sacrifice that and lead you down a path of blisters…because we all know that’s not worth anything! So I chose to stick to the brands that I know and trust and have had the best luck with in the past. My habit is to track down the pair that I most love, wait for a sale and keep my fingers crossed that my size doesn’t sell out :)

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