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Fall Decor

Even though it may not feel like it, Autumn officially begins on Monday. I saw a meme this morning that read: ‘It’s officially wear a sweater in the morning and regret it in the afternoon weather’. Couldn’t hold more true here in PA! For those that may have been hanging on to summer and holding off on any fall decor, I think it’s safe to say, now’s your time.

I laughed as I pulled out my fall bin this year and looked into a giant box of pumpkins! They are basically my go-to in every shape, size and color. I’m not much of a Halloween decorator, but I do love fall accents that will carry me from Sept through November. I don’t do a major overhaul with my decor, but I typically swap a few things out and change over some of my faux florals. The bulk of my purchases come from HomeGoods but without the ability to share their items, I’ve dug up a number of other pieces from various retailers that allow you to purchase online. All of the pieces below are similar to items I have in my home and I hope they provide some inspiration to take right into yours!

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