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Fall Accessories

One of the best things about Fall is that you are able to add so many accessories to your outfits. In addition to jewelry, belts and bags, you also have hats, scarves, gloves and socks all at your disposal. We’ll leave shoes and bags out of this for the moment because that could take me off on a whole other tangent.

I’m drawn to grey during every season, but especially fall. It has such a warm comfortable feel to it. Animal prints can easily add some attitude to your outfit and if you don’t feel comfortable sporting say, a cheetah sweater or leopard pants, try out a belt or scarf for starters. Oranges are wonderful for the fall and even though it’s an awful color on myself, I know many of you would look great in these shades. As for jewelry, I’m drawn to all of the deep colored jewels that I’m seeing everywhere. Such beautiful colors that pair perfectly with the cooler weather.

Here’s an array of accessories that caught my eye. Anything in particular stand out to you?

fallaccessories (click image to enlarge image)

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