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I hope you all had a great weekend! My kids passed around a cold these past few weeks and this was a great weekend for them to rest up and re-coop. Madelyn, my 5 yo, in particular required a little catching up…she took a nap on Saturday that lasted nearly 4 hours! But she wasn’t tired ;) In a sense, colds drive me crazier than some of the more severe sicknesses that hit them harder. Plus, they never want to cuddle with a cold because they don’t even realize that they are actually sick. Colds just make them cranky…and whiney. Oh for the love, the whining!

Thankfully, the weather was perfectly crisp and cool and the fresh air felt amazing! I wore this outfit yesterday and I adore this top. I quickly brushed aside the fact that my husband referred to it as ‘colonial looking’! Call it what you will however, because the ruffles and eyelet detailing are right up my alley!

Details: JCrew top / Rag & Bone denim (similar) / Noonday earrings / Booties (similar) / LeSpecs sunglasses

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