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Whether it’s for now when you’re indoors and the AC is running or in a few weeks when the temps begin to drop outdoors, this sweater blazer is one I recommend to everyone. Even though I always gravitate to the pastels, I’ll be looking to some of the neutral colors offered (that you can see here) over the next few months. Regardless of the color you choose, you are bound to get a ton of wear out of it. I tend to style it pretty casually, but it’s also ideal for anyone in a business casual setting who could easily pair it with dress pants.

Bodysuits are another item that I’ve been slowly gravitating towards. They create a sleek look that’s perfect for layering and takes away the battle of do I tuck or un-tuck. And I promise, going to the bathroom isn’t much of a hassle ;) You can see some of the options that I’ve found for you below.

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