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Happy Monday, all! It’s the last Monday in January, can you believe it?! Today I’m sharing a round-up of some of my everyday looks. Is there any other look these days? My husband teases me that I’m the only one he knows that actually gets dressed (coming from someone who works from home in his joggers everyday). For me, getting showered and dressed has a huge impact on my mindset and productivity for the day. T-shirts, cardigans and sweatshirts play a big role, I’m not talking fancy here, so if that sounds similar to your outfits, scroll on for some inspiration!

tee / sweater / jeans (size down)
tee / sweater (similar) / jeans (similar) / hat / boots (similar)

turtleneck / pants / boots (similar)

sweatshirt / jeans (similar)

tee / sweater (similar) / pants / slippers / puppy (not for sale :)

top / jeans / slippers

top / jeans

sweater / tee / jeans / sneakers


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