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Everyday Outfits

Happy Friday, all! It’s been a week around here and for you all I’m sure! Despite what’s going on in the world at large, today is a new day and we all get up, get dressed and do the best we can with the day before us. That’s something we have control over, what we do with each day is up to us! I’m choosing to make the most of it, regardless of outcomes, and commit to listen to others knowing we may not always agree and that’s okay. I’d get annoyed with too many of myself anyway ;)

Below is a round-up of some of my everyday outfits that I’ve worn over the past few weeks. As is obvious, t-shirts and henleys are my layering staple lately!

tee / jacket / sweatpants
coat (similar/similar) / top / jeans / boots / hat
blazer / tee / jeans
tree topper / sweatshirt
fleece / top / jeans
sweater / top / jeans / hat
jacket (similar) / top / jeans / hat / sneakers
jacket / top / sweatpants (similar)

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