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Everyday Make-Up Favorites

Hi guys! When it comes to the makeup department, I’m not one that’s constantly changing up my routine, but I am always curious as to what others are using in their day to day routines. Obviously shades and colors will vary for everyone, but below you will find my tried and true products, most of which I’ve been using for years. I’d love to know what some of your go-to’s are. Feel free to share in the comments!

1.MAC Eyebrow Pencil: My go-to for a quick fill in for my ever-thin eyebrows. Lingering is the shade I use.

2. Bronzing Powder: I always like to add a little bit of color to my face. I dust this powder along my cheek bones, nose and forehead after I’ve applied my tinted moisturizer.

3. Finishing Powder: I love dusting this lightly on top of my make-up. It gives my make-up a soft look and helps to lock everything in place.

4. Eyeshadow Palette: I’ve purchased this same palette a few times now because I can’t stop with it. I never use all the colors in the larger palettes (which is a waste of money) but I’ve found that I wear most of these pretty evenly and it has just enough options to vary my looks.

5. Stila All Day Lipstick: When I need a lipstick to stay in place for a long period of time, this is my go-to. It lasts for hours on end (through eating and drinking) and comes in some beautiful colors. Portofino and Baci are two of my favorites.

6. Makeup Setting Spray: If you’re spending the time (and money) on your makeup, you may as well have it last, even on an ordinary day. I notice a huge difference when I use this spray to set my makeup.

7. Under Eye Corrector: I think I’ve mentioned my love for this product before, but it’s been a game changer for my dark under eyes. The pink undertones have a way of combating the darkness in a way that I haven’t found in regular concealers alone. I apply it first thing, directly on top of my moisturizer.

8. Under Eye Concealer: I apply this as a final defense to tackling those genetic, dark circles on top of my other makeup.

9. Mascara: The wand is what I mainly adore about this mascara. It grabs, separates and lengthens my lashes giving them a life of their own. Even if I skip eye shadow and liner, I’ll typically always throw on a few swipes of mascara so I can feel alive!

10. Blush: This loose powder blush has been a long time favorite. I love that it goes on light yet creamy and gives a beautiful soft color. Beauty is the shade I use.

11. NARS Tinted Moisturizer: Another long time favorite, this tinted moisturizer is what I use basically everyday. I love the light-weight feel of it that gives me just enough coverage without looking like I’m caked in make up. When I’m looking for a little more coverage, I jump over to this CC Cream.

12. Stila Eye Liner: I used to wear a liquid liner, but now prefer the softer look that this smudge stick gives. I also love the fact that it doesn’t require a sharpener!

13. Brow Gel: I’ve found this gel to be a great way to add some volume to my otherwise thin eyebrows. It applies quickly and stays in place. I bounce between this and one by Glossier which both give similar results.

14. Becca Lipstick: I love this lipstick because of how moisturizing it is and how well it wears. My favorite color is Orchid.

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