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Easter Inspiration

Good news! Spring is on the horizon and Easter is just behind it! Meanwhile, it continues to snow outside my window. Regardless, I’ve been breaking out some bring decor to brighten the place up. I like adding pieces that will last throughout springtime, not only through Easter. Towels are the easiest thing to change up, as are wreaths for the front door. This one is beautiful and happens to only be $20! Baskets are always great to have around to fill with blooms or take out for egg hunts. And speaking of eggs, I love having a beautiful tray to display our Easter eggs. Just picture this one filled with all those colorful eggs!

I also included some goodies for the kids. I love these coloring placemats, anything to keep them occupied while I prepare food! I picked up this egg kit for my little ones. Year after year we color eggs (which I can handle) and sometimes I’ll attempt something a little fancy (rarely does it turn out), but this year I figured we’d let them craft around their egg. It’s what they enjoy the most and I have a feeling they’re going to love decorating them this year! I also included an adorable plush rabbit…and a unicorn, because that’s what they really want, right? ;)

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