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Easter Gift Guide


As a Christian, Easter is always a celebration that I look forward to. On our way home from school yesterday, my girls were discussing whether Christmas or Easter was a bigger day to celebrate. We concluded that although Easter couldn’t have come to be if Jesus had not in fact been born, the Good News of Easter and his resurrection is what we are so thankful for. Then as I tucked Audrey (6yo) into bed last night, she reminded me how silly the Easter Bunny is….it was so matter of fact that I didn’t even attempt to convince her otherwise! I’m not sure what will come of Santa, but I’ll keep you posted come December ;)

Easter baskets are still a huge hit in our house (I think my mom put baskets together into my college years!) and I love filling them with little gifts and treats that they’ll enjoy. I put together a mix of cute ideas that may be helpful for your little ones as you celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Simply click any image above for the shopping link and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Jen says:

    I was thankful you shared this !!

    My husband has been doctoring in SC for his shoulder. This past week we are at The Field. I had a mouth savoring steak sandwich. Any other suggestions of places to eat?

    • Marisa Zerby says:

      Hi Jen! Thanks! We love the Field! We also enjoy Happy Valley Brewery, The Ale House, Ottos, Barrel 21, VooDoo Brewery and The Greek to name a few.

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