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Easter Cookies

easter12As I debated what Easter treat I should post about, eggs obviously crossed my mind. Now if you head to Pinterest there are a million and one ways you can decorate eggs, but for whatever reason, they just don’t excite me. We’ll be dying our eggs with the little pack I always pick up from Target and my kids will be thrilled.

Now what does excite me are cookies. Shocked? Ha. I decided to get a little fancy decorating my Easter cookies this year. These aren’t particularly difficult, but if you can spread it out (making the dough, chilling the dough, baking the cookies and decorating them) over a few days, you’ll make it a little easier on yourself. Since we had a cold rainy day yesterday, I chose the hard way, but was able to get the cookies baked during the day and saved the decorating until the little ones were in bed and away from my icing!

Since I was using multiple colors and a couple of different consistencies (to line and fill the cookies) I grabbed a bag of disposable pastry bags which made things a lot easier. All that’s really required is a little bit of creativity and if that fails, you can always refer to Pinterest ;)

Here’s the recipe I used for the cookies and icing and here’s where some of my inspiration came from.

easterNow if only I hadn’t given up eating after dinner for Lent I’d be indulging in one of these right about now! Alas, they’ll have to wait until tomorrow!




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