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Easter 2019

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had my family up yesterday and hosted Easter dinner which is always one of my favorites. The weather was decent and the kids enjoyed every minute spending time outdoors as we prepped inside. One of my favorite parts of the day was when my sister asked my just-turned-two- year old nephew what happened to Jesus, to which he replied, ‘He died and came back’. That He did.

Post church family pictures are an Easter tradition of ours. I love capturing these images on an annual basis so I can look back over the years. In just a few short weeks Jack will turn 10, Madelyn 7 and Audrey 4. TIME FLIES! Jack and I typically take turns with the camera (he’s much better, mind you), but when a by-stander offers to take a family picture we won’t turn it down! The girls wanted to be in every single picture and were full of smiles and poses (Audrey’s little dress swing above is killing me, lol!). The girls love when they get to wear matching outfits and they were especially fond of these dresses (I found them at a Janie & Jack outlet). If only it came in my size I would have joined them! My dress is almost sold out, but if you’re on the hunt I’ve gathered some other beautiful navy dresses you can check out below.

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