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Early Summer Vibes

Laid back, put together style feels like my go-to lately. Regardless of the season, my day-to-day typically allows for casual dress, yet at the same time, I like to feel as though I put a touch of effort into my outfits. Playing around with color combos and various materials are two ways to to do that. I love this mix of dusty green and mauve, topped with denim which grounds the look. I had been eyeing this particular jacket for a while because I constantly read rave reviews about it. Once I received it I immediately understood the hype. It’s feels as though you’ve worn it for years, with a perfectly broken in fit. It has the appeal of an over-sized jacket yet at the same time gives you some shape without looking like a sack of potatoes! The gauzy material of this top feels like you’re wrapped in a cloud while the light, linen shorts complement with another casual element. I’ve grabbed a few different styled neutral sandals this summer and these slides are some of my favorites. Cute, comfortable and they pair with just about everything!

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  • Monique says:

    Love the color combo and fabrics of this outfit…it looks so comfy without looking frumpy ! Also have to comment on your longer length hairstyle which makes you look 10 years younger, maybe even 15 !!!

  • jennifer says:

    I love your thoughts on looking put together
    Have you tried the Old Navy denim jacket?

    • Marisa says:

      Yes! Loved that one until I shrunk it. Gave this one a shot to compare and love that it’s a bit oversized. But the Old Navy jacket I’d still highly recommend. Great quality for the price!

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