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Dressing Room Diaries: H&M

Last week I had a little time to sneak into H&M. Ours happens to be downtown, smack in the middle of Penn State student central. I love Penn State and all it has to offer to our town, but I’m not always thrilled to fight parking and shop amidst the early 20- somethings. Although I may not get in there often, I do always find some great pieces. I was childfree (which was a good thing because their fitting rooms are tiny), so I was able to snap some pics to share with you all!

I have a bunch of tops and sweaters to share as well as a dress today, all of which are under $35! I did try on some jeans, but wasn’t impressed by those that I took in with me…and should have known I would need to size up in there!

Okay, let’s jump in…

This sweater caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I love the stripes and the fit (I’m wearing a small) and think this would look adorable paired with white denim.

I couldn’t pass this sweater up. I came home and told Jack we needed a date night asap so I could take it for a spin :) It’s super cozy and not restrictive despite being off the shoulder. I went with an XS here, for reference.

Sleek, classy and Audrey Hepburn-ish, I love a good turtleneck. The button’s on the sleeves add a perfect little touch. This would be great for work with some trousers or for the weekend tucked into some high-waisted jeans. Oh and with a trench coat tossed on over top!

I took this sweater into the dressing room in this neutral shade but ended up bringing it home with me in blue. This color was a little too bland, but the blue is bold and beautiful, as is the purple, you should check that one out too! It reminds me of something I’d find at Madewell, but at half the price. There wasn’t a big difference between the xs and small, but I ended up with the xs that seemed to fit just a bit better.

One final sweater was this blue beauty. The picture makes me laugh because I remember how much static was in my hair from all the trying on by this point, man does that drive me crazy, lol!! The sweater though, was great. I’d probably wear a cami underneath because you can see a little more in person, but I often do that with sweaters anyway.

For those of you that are thinking spring (I can’t say I’m there yet), this blouse┬áis right up your alley! The ruffles and eyelet detail are adorable, as is it’s billowy shape.

I don’t have a need for a dress at the moment, but I wanted to try this one on regardless. It’s very lady-like and I loved the pattern as well as the length (it fell about mid-calf). Wrap dresses can be tricky at the top, but this one worked pretty well. Depending on where you’d be wearing it, you could always discreetly hide a pin to make sure things didn’t shift around ;)

To finish with, I have four sweatshirts (because you know I can’t get enough of them these days) that would be perfect for Spring. I would have sized up to a small had they had it in this one to get a little more room, but otherwise I loved it.

This one is so fun! Give me all the greenery and pair it with dark denim, light denim, white denim, or sweats!

I love a good hoodie, especially when when embroidered flowers are involved!

This may be too late to apologize, but please ignore the state of this mirror. I didn’t notice all the dirt and dust all over it until I started putting this post together, whoops! Hopefully you can make out this pretty floral sweatshirt behind all that ;)

If you have any specific questions on these pieces feel free to ask! I’d love to know your thoughts on H&M. I’d be happy to venture in there more often if it’s something you guys would be interested in, so let me know! Some stores can be overwhelming and some people lack the time or desire to get in to the retail stores, so my hope is that these posts help to save you some time and energy. Plus, I typically enjoy it. Minus the static cling ;)

Also, take note, today H&M is offering 10% off new styles with code 0575 both online and in store!

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