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Devil’s Food Cake


A girlfriend of mine hosted a Christmas party over the holiday’s that I attended. Since I always love an excuse to bake, I offered to bring a devil’s food cake that I had been wanting to try. As much as I love a good Betty Crocker cake, there’s something about making it from scratch that can’t be beat. This particular cake uses a chocolate ganache icing that paired perfectly with the delicious devils food cake underneath.

I was inspired by Pinterest (yet again) and piped some melted chocolate in the shape of trees on wax paper and placed them on the cake once they chilled. I love this idea because you could use the technique to decorate a cake for any holiday; hearts for Valentines Day, eggs for Easter, flowers for Mother’s Day etc. It’s a simple and fun way to embellish a cake and really make it stand out.






Here’s the recipe so you can give it a shot!

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