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Denim Favorites

Denim is the foundation of so many great outfits. Having quality pieces that fit your shape well, can be worth every penny. Once in a while I come across some relatively inexpensive pieces of denim that exceed my expectations (this denim jacket is one great example), but for the most part, I tend to invest a little more into finding denim that not only will last, but also has a fit that can’t be passed up.

Denim runs the gamut these days, from jeans, to skirts, tops, overalls and obviously jackets. Below I have gathered pieces that I own or are very similar (or updated) versions of what can be found in my closet. This shirt has recently been added and I cannot stop reaching for it. It’s such a great year-round staple. My overalls are going on a few years now and I’m already looking forward to wearing them again come fall. When it comes to jeans, I’m loving this cropped pair (especially when I’m able to throw on some booties), this casual, everyday pair (size up 1-2 sizes!), and this wide legged pair. Not to mention, my black denim that may be one of my best fitting pairs to date. I own two denim skirts. One in this chic longer length and another in a mini (but not too mini) length. I also love having a ‘fancy’ denim top. I own one that can be tied in a bow around the collar, but this ruffled option serves the same purpose, adding a fun element to an otherwise basic piece. And finally jackets. I’ve owned a Pilcro jacket for years and it’s my absolute favorite when it comes to a more fitted jacket with a bit of stretch and has the most flattering shape. I also have this bargain jacket from Old Navy that’s been a go-to for a more relaxed fit. More recently I’ve been eyeing this jacket, which although it’s on the pricey-er side for me, I’ve been hearing rave reviews on it. I had to the chance to try it on last weekend and I’m totally sold. It’s perfectly broken in, fits like you’ve owned it for years and has a beautiful wash with the perfect amount of distressing. So yes, this guy will likely be making his way into my closet sometime soon ;)

Do you have a favorite denim piece? I don’t think I could narrow it down much more than this list!!

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