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Cozy Up!

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record if I keep bringing up the frigid weather in every post aren’t I? But since our outfits revolve around weather each and every day it’s hard to skirt around it! January and February are the months where I do my best to stay warm and cozy as often as I’m able. After all the dressing up over the holidays it’s nice to relax and enjoy some comfort. March comes around and I start getting antsy, trying to wear lighter layers than I should….but we’ll get to that when the time comes ;)

For now, I wanted to share all of the warm and cozy things with you, so you can hunker down with me! And if you’re skipping away to somewhere warm and sunny, well, take me with you!!

There are some fab markdowns happening too. This fur lined hoodie, faux fur coat, plaid scarf, leather gloves and pink beanie (reg price) are each under $35. Not to mention this leopard beanie that’s less than $8!

Click images for details:


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