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Color Combos

After the long weekend it’s going to take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things…or maybe until Friday?! We have all the end of year school things happening so it feels as though our normal routines aren’t going to be so normal any longer. Until we get into the summer routines, which will take some adjusting as well!

When it comes to dressing, not only do I love playing with layers and different fits/styles, etc., but one of the biggest factors to dressing comes down to colors. Playing with different prints, patterns and color combinations can be so fun and can encourage you to pull different outfits together that you may not otherwise have thought of. In addition to styling clothing, I also dabble with helping other locals with home decor. Paint, furniture, accessories….but what it really comes down to is pulling the right colors together. Finding the right color palette (be it a rug to work from or pairing the perfect paint chips) is typically where I start with homes/rooms and it can also work when it comes to dressing.  A while back I had seen a similar color combo on Pinterest and that’s what had me pulling these particular pieces together. I can’t always tell you exactly why certain colors and prints work well with each other, but when you see it you just know. So don’t forget to save those inspiration outfits when you see them, that way you can turn back and see how you can make it work from your own closet!

Details: LOFT jacket (similar) / LOFT shirt (similar) / LOFT skirt (similar) / DV booties (similar) / Matt & Nat backpack /Stella & Dot Monogram necklace

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