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Closet Classics

One of the biggest challenges I find as a blogger/influencer is the constant need to be sharing new styles. I do love seeking out new pieces and shopping has always been a favorite past-time of mine, but I also enjoy wearing things that have been in my closet for a while. The down-side of that is that I’m not always able to share exact pieces for you to be able to shop. My goal when I do that however, is to 1) help you to consider digging into your own closet so see what may be in there and 2) find similar items for you to shop, should you have the need or desire. I’m coming to really appreciate stores that continue to sell the same timeless pieces season after season. Places like Everlane, JCrew and Madewell to name a few are known to carry the same popular items, making it easy for me to style and re-style items that you’d also be able to purchase at any time. Also, chances are that if you’ve been following me for some time, you may actually have a closet that resembles mine and be able to pull together most of my looks!

To create this look, I pulled out my JCrew overalls that fall in between overalls and a jumpsuit. I’ve gathered a number of options below that would allow you to pull something similar together for yourself. The ruffled blouse is an old one from Loft, but luckily an almost identical version is available in the prettiest lavender! I threw on my Everlane flats which are a dream shoe for Spring weather, as well as my JCrew sunglasses which are proving to be universally flattering. This outfit is one I would have worn years ago and hopefully years ahead without battling any trends.

Details: Overalls (old, see below for options) / Shirt (similar) / Coat (see options below) / Sunglasses / Shoes

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