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Christmas Home Tour

I’m not sure that I’ve ever posted a holiday tour prior to now, and I’m not sure why. If for nothing else, this is going to prove helpful to me in years to come as I pull out my decorations each year and do my best to recall what I had previously done! Granted, I love changing things up with every new year, but it would be nice to have some point of reference. I’ll do my best to link exact or similar pieces at the bottom, but my hope is that this post will provide some inspiration for all those nooks, cranies, shelves and corners of your home. I always appreciate when others share peeks into their homes because you never know when inspiration will strike!

This Santa came from my grandmother’s basement and I couldn’t adore him more. He adds the perfect touch to our outdoor greenery. I flanked our door with two faux pine trees and Jack hangs live cedar garland around the door that we purchase each year locally from our Wegmans.

Some years I’ve gone a little more elaborate with the garland on our stairs, but I think I love the simplicity of this faux cedar more than anything.

The mantle is typically my starting point in decorating. I’m usually able to have a direction in mind once have it completed. This year ended up having a classic vibe and I’m loving the traditional reds and greens. I actually wrapped three garlands together on my mantle and fixed them with Command hooks on either end of the mantle. Swagging the garland leaves plenty of room on my otherwise narrow mantle for other pieces of decor.

I’ve gathered Christmas pillows over the years from various stores, but the bulk of them have been HomeGoods finds.

A few simple additions to the kitchen make a world of difference. I added another cedar garland above our sink and pulled out my festive towels.

I also placed a few framed pictures on our countertops. My very favorite is Madelyn’s first drawing of the nativity scene where she went so far as to give the animals eyelashes <3

I added this tree to our dining room last year and now I can’t imagine the room without it. I adore the soft glow of Christmas lights all around, the more the merrier!

I loved this swag that I found at Target this year. I couldn’t decide where to use it because it looked great in so many areas, but I eventually settled on hanging it over this mirror in our mudroom. I’ve never used anything here and love the warmth it adds to this space.

A swap of a bath mat, hand towels and a touch of decor and a powder room is quickly updated for the season.

Our family room ends up being the heart of Christmas for us. This is where we place our live tree and spend the most time as a family together.

I passed these trees in the Target dollar spot a bunch of times before I realized how well they’d work on one of my shelves. A friend gave me the idea to add lights to them and it totally turned it magical!

I’ve gone back and forth between tree collas and tree skirts, but with a live tree, I find it much easier to water without having to maneuver around the height of the collars. This faux fur skirt has a luxe look and brings another layer of warmth to the room.

I don’t do a major overhaul upstairs, but a few swaps here and there are just enough. Faux fur throws, accent pillows and the addition of some greenery go a long way in our bedrooms. I do the same for the kids, but their rooms weren’t camera ready, lol.

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