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Chocolate Bark

bark12This was a recipe that I wanted to try out but wasn’t overly anxious about the outcome. I figured it would be a nice treat to have around the house for our family or when guests were over. There is a lot of chopping and crushing in preparation, but it is by no means difficult to make. There are a ton of options as to what ingredients you could use. I chose to add almonds, dried cranberries and dried apricots in addition to the coconut and pretzels. I could not keep my hands off of this stuff! Granted, I have a weakness when it comes to my sweet tooth, but the mix of salty and sweet in this concoction is just dangerous! If only I had given up chocolate this Lent, but alas, I did not. If this post is making you hungry, please follow the link to the recipe here.

barkLet me know what you think! And if you eat it all in one afternoon, I won’t judge ;)




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