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ench10I’m a huge fan of Mexican food and even more-so when it can be made a bit healthier. Instead of rice, quinoa is used in this dish and not only do I enjoy the taste and texture of quinoa, but the benefits are fairly impressive. If you have any interest, you can read about the differences between brown rice and quinoa here.

Although this dish would probably taste wonderful without it, I decided to add chicken to make it a bit heartier…and tastier in my mind. I cut up two chicken breasts and simmered them on med/low heat for 20 mins or so in the enchilada sauce. Once it was cooked through I shredded the chicken and added it, along with the sauce, to the mixture.

Overall, this is one delicious, nutrient packed meal. Feel free to use reduced fat cheese if you’d like, it won’t be lacking in flavor! You can find the recipe I used here.

enchiladaTopping it off with some avocado and/or sour cream, this is one flavorful dinner that everyone should enjoy!




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