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Cheerful Outerwear

I have my fair share of navy, camel and grey coats, but I also have a growing selection of colorful outerwear to choose from. It honestly doesn’t feel that out of the ordinary, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of compliments I receive when I pull out my purple or green or pink coat! Muted or bold, you can find a color that suits you and instantly adds some cheer to your look. Below you’ll find my picks in a rainbow of color options!

I’ve been pulling out more of my winter staples recently. My Spanx leggings (in bronze and black) and my Ugg boots (I love this ankle style). And if you’re looking for a really good, basic tunic sweater to cozy up in all winter long, this is the one you’ll want!

Coat / Leggings / Sweater / Hat / Boots


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