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Beach Time

Happy Labor Day, friends! I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely long weekend with your friends and family. We’re at the shore for the week and loving our home away from home. My son was reunited with a friend he has had since they were a few weeks old. You know, one of those forced relationships because I became good friends with her mom. Fortunately they act like brother and sister….when they play and when they fight :) So far things are going well, outside of their 2am conversations! ¬†And then there’s my 15mo old, Madelyn. She’s fearless, so it was no surprise when she got to the ocean and dove right in. That girl has had sand in every crevice of that little body!

During the rest of the week here I’m looking forward to some runs on the beach, great food, a little shopping, more ice cream, lots of laughing and great conversations.

Here are a few shots of what’s been going on around here:


¬†These two were pro’s by the end of the night.


My son used to get upset if he had a grain of sand on his body…not this girl.




Our first trip out for some ice cream.

I’m sure that we have anything but a dull week ahead of us, but maybe we’ll even sneak in some relaxation….after 8pm :)

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