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I know it’s February, and there is snow on the ground and likely falling from the sky depending on when you’re reading this. But yesterday I struck up a little conversation on Instagram as I was hoping everyone would help me decide which Spring bag to choose. I was between this straw tote and this woven basket bag and everyone’s opinions were split for the most part (so basically no help at all, haha!). And then guess what happened…this one sold out in the natural color I was considering! Now, I’m not insinuating it was my influence that drove the crowds, lol, although I’m hopeful some of you snagged it! But of course you know which one I want now, right?! The one I can’t have ;)

That’s where this post comes in. Good bags can and do sell out quickly, and I don’t want you guys missing out like I already did. So I went ahead and gathered some favorites that I think will be a hit this year. It seems the round straw tote of all sizes is going to be the ‘it’ bag of the season, so I included a few of them below. I also threw in some canvas bags because you can never go wrong with those. I may not be ready for shorts or swimsuits, but a bag? Bring it on!

Which one is your favorite??

Oh, and PS, I’ll be stalking that bag just a little, and if it pops back in stock I’ll shout it from my rooftop…after I add it to my cart ;)

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