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Back To School: Outerwear

School has already begun in some parts of the country, and it’ll be here within the next few weeks for us. In some ways I’m eager for it to begin (back to routines that my kids thrive on) but in other ways not so much (our freedom to sleep in – when the baby allows – and plan our days with spontaneity). We’ve already shopped for their school supplies and I’ve purchased a few new pieces of clothing in preparation, but there are still things, like shoes and jackets that I have yet to tackle. Since I’ve been browsing, and I know many of you have young children as well, I wanted to share what I’ve found in the outerwear department. Sweater coats, rain jackets, vests and denim, I’ve gathered a bit of it all.

I have a similar sweater coat for Audrey (passed down from Madelyn) and it has gotten a ton of use over the past few years. I love vests for all of my children because they are wonderful as the weather transitions. Especially this one which has a bow detail on the back <3 My girlfriend brought it to my attention and I didn’t hesitate to order! I also love the adorable rain jackets such as this and this one. I always make sure I have one that fits each child because they are much better with hoods than umbrellas. And when they’re riding buses to/from school in the rain I want to make sure they’re covered. Oh, and does this ruffled moto jacket need any words? Pretty darn adorable all on its own ;)


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