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Baby Blue

We are back from our trip up to NY/CT and ready for a fresh new week! My SIL lives in NY on the boarder of CT, so we spent a lot of our time in CT walking and shopping the adorable streets. I could easily get myself into a whole lot of trouble living up there, lol! There’s an Anthropologie the size of a small shopping mall that I walked through with silver-dollar eyes. We also spent some time at JCrew where I fell for this light blue sweater jacket that was 40% off at the time (I’ll keep you posted on their next sale, but they do have it marked down in a few other colors including a pretty subtle pink). I was torn between buying one of the more neutral (and maybe more practical) colors, but in the end I couldn’t pass up this pretty hue. Granted, it’s been hot and muggy lately, but I was so thankful to have this layer on for church and grocery shopping yesterday in the chilly AC. I wore it over top one of my favorite graphic tee’s and these pull-on shorts. Speaking of pull-on shorts, they are kind of my new fav. Kids have the right idea, who needs all those zippers and buttons :)

Details: Sweater Jacket / T-shirt / Shorts / Wedges / Sunglasses (similar)

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