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Since having children myself, I have found it fascinating to hear about other birth stories. Every one is different and unique, as is the child that emerges. So should you have an interest, read on to hear about Audrey’s entrance into the world.


Before Audrey, I had only ever given birth by being induced. My kids made themselves nice and comfortable inside. I actually had an induction date set this time around as well, but am thankful she chose to get here a bit earlier. I was actually sleeping on our couch as I had been for the past few weeks because it was more comfortable for me, but I had yet to fall asleep by 3:30am. My son was up with a cough, my daughter had been up at least twice to use the potty and I was getting some braxton hicks contractions as I had been for the past few nights. Needless to say, I was wide awake when I felt a gush of water around 3:30am. Granted, that had never happened to me before, but I knew exactly what it was. I started texting some local friends and my mom and sister to see who was awake. Thankfully our neighborhood friend answered and was ready and willing to come stay with the other two kids until my mom could get here. I calmly woke Jack up and told him “I think it’s time”. He kicked into gear pretty quickly!

Shortly after 4am we were on our way to the hospital and we got checked in somewhere around 4:30am. My contractions were coming steadily by this point, but the pain was still manageable. After getting settled into a room and changed into my lovely gown, the nurse checked and told me I was a good 4cm dilated (10cm is push time, in case you are unaware). She asked if I would like an epidural and I said yes but it didn’t have to happen immediately as I was still managing the pain. She suggested I do some laps around the floor for 45 minutes or so to make sure my labor continued to progress and then we’d do the epidural. I started my first lap with Jack and just over half way around I felt my body start to give out. I felt weak and broke out in a cold sweat. I collapsed to my knees as I got through a contraction. As I stood back up I told Jack I had to get back to my bed. At this point I felt like a total wimp. I kept thinking ‘the nurse wants me to do this for 45 minutes?! How do women get through this? I’m maybe 5cm now and can’t even make it one lap??’

I made it back to the edge of my bed and held on to the railing for dear life as the contractions continued to come. I begged Jack to get a nurse to check me again and to hurry up and call for the epidural. The nurse slowly (seriously, it felt like 10 minutes but I know it wasn’t) came and helped me situate my body so she could check to see how dilated I was at this point. I remember hearing, ‘Ohhh….you’re 10cm’, and I had two thoughts. 1) I knew my plans for an epidural were out the window and 2) thank goodness I wasn’t crazy! At that point, everyone quickly shiftted gears. The lights flew on, the doctor was called, nurses were frantically running around and Jack was by my side keeping quiet, likely in shock as this was a whole new situation to him as well. As I laid on the bed, I literally couldn’t move my body as the contractions would not let up from that point on. I honestly don’t even remember pushing…this child was coming out whether everyone else was ready or not. I was told to move my legs up (I couldn’t) and to wait (wait???) but ready or not, she was coming. At 6:03am, Audrey Grace flew into the world as a perfectly healthy little girl.


Certainly not the labor and delivery that I had ever expected, but looking back, I’m thankful (and still shocked) that it all happened within 2.5 hours and didn’t drag on as many labors can. Audrey has been doing great at home and I’m working on managing three kids ;) Thankfully our families have been around to help, my mom has been up on a much more regular basis (thanks Mom!), and our local friends have been keeping us well fed. Seriously, you guys are fantastic!

Thanks to all of you as well for your kind words and well wishes. Each one is appreciated!

Now, for a different perspective and more humorous take on Audrey’s birth story, won’t you take a moment to see it through my husband’s eyes….

It’s 3:30 am. Marisa shakes me. “My water broke…” “Whmhm mwhh what is happening what? Water? Who broke what?” “The baby, we’re having the baby” “Oh snap, like in the movies right? We should probably like hurry like they do in the movies!” We threw a bunch of stuff in the car (or wait, Marisa had everything pre-packed perfectly, that was me throwing things) and got a move on. When we got to the hospital the lady who brought us up in the wheelchair was really pleasant. Marisa politely asked her “So, are you guys busy with babies tonight?”. “No…I have no idea…I don’t work on that floor” replied the pleasant lady. Fantastic. (The Labor and Delivery Nurses were amazing though). We got to the room and set up shop. I knew the game plan by now, do everything she says. Don’t offer anything out of the ordinary, just wait until she asks. If she wants water, she’ll ask for it. I tried to sneak in 2 mins of Madden Football on my phone but that got shot down really quick. Bottom line, don’t be annoying, just be loving :)

Everything seemed like a blur after that. One half a lap around the hallway, a bunch of nurses running around telling Marisa to SLOW DOWN, and finally we got to meet our beautiful little girl, Audrey.

What was more amazing though, was watching Marisa these past 2 weeks. Her strength continually amazes me. To go through all the pain of birth, come home and take care of all of us crazies is strength beyond measure.

Audrey Grace is the luckiest girl in the entire world to have Marisa as her Mommy.



  • Gina says:

    Love this story. Brought tears to my eyes! Now I’ve gotta get my butt in gear & get up there to meet Miss Audrey!

  • Jonnaysa says:

    Way to go Marisa!!! No epidural…wow!!! Beautiful story from a strong beautiful woman! Congratulations and can’t wait to meet the little cutie :)

  • J says:

    I love reading both of your perspectives. :) Haha, it makes me want to get Marcelo to write up a story on the Birth of Remi (I’m sure it is somewhat of a departure of how I viewed the morning). :) It’s really amazing what we can endure… it’s so worth it in the end. <3

  • Ann says:

    Great way to end the story, “Audrey Grace is the luckiest girl in the world”.

  • MJHD says:

    I too love to hear birth stories and this is one to tell for sure. God bless you!! You are amazing. I’m so happy to hear everyone is well. Enjoy your family of five!!! We have to make plans next time I am in the area. Take care. Xoxo, M

  • K Jax says:

    Love reading your story. Ever since I became a mommy for the first time a year and a half ago, hearing anyone else’s story takes me back (despite how they’re all different, as you said). I am constantly amazed at what our bodies can do – women are real life super heros! Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family.

  • Danielle says:

    Wow you are a rock star!! What a beautiful and amazing labor story. And you three beautiful are beyond lucky to have such an amazing mother. Xo

  • Julie says:

    Awww. Marisa’s version gave all the facts. Jack’s version provided the laughs, and love. So awesome.

  • Andrea says:

    Great stories! Both of them! I loved reading the two perspectives and Marisa, you rock! Truly, you are a woman of strength and inspiration!

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