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Workout-wear feels more important to my wardrobe than ever before these days. With summer upon us, there are many days that I never make it out of my morning workout attire. Unless we are heading to the pool, it doesn’t always seem necessary since we’ll likely just be carrying on outdoors. I’m becoming quite fond of a few Lululemon pieces. The align leggings for one and this boyfriend tank as another. If you have yet to try the align leggings, they basically feel like another layer of skin. Barely there yet they give the most fantastic shape. Feeling confident in leggings is a big perk, making them worth every penny in my opinion. Then there’s this boyfriend tank that I can’t wash and re-wear fast enough. The material is soft, comfortable and has the perfect relaxed fit. I love this subtle tie dye, but it also comes in some other color options.

I’ve shared this water bottle before and it continues to remain by my side each and every day. It’s extremely helpful as I try to hit my daily water goals, especially during the summer.

Enjoy your glimpse of Audrey. I can never turn down a child that wants to take a picture with me. I know it won’t last forever!

Tank / Leggings / Sunglasses / Sneakers / Water bottle

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