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A Really Good Anthro Sale

Hey guys! Short and sweet post today, but you know how I love sharing a good sale! Well, today Anthropologie is offering up to 50% off of some of their wear now and later pieces. This sale is only good for today, so keep that in mind when browsing. I included some of my favorite cozy and layering pieces as well as some outerwear and one of my most worn scarves this year that is finally marked down.

Thanks to all of you that responded on Instagram yesterday to content ideas you had for the blog. I’m brainstorming on some of them, especially those that were mentioned multiple times and already have one in the works! I love creating content that’s engaging for you all, so as always, if you have ideas that you’d like to see, just leave a reply below and if it’s a good fit for the blog I’ll do my best to incorporate it!

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