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A Newfound Love


Bagels used to be one of those foods that I never considered making because they already seemed to be perfected and perfectly wrapped waiting for me in the bakery aisle. That was until I came across this recipe in Rue mag. I decided to make these the other night once the kids were in bed. Besides waiting for time to lapse, they were relatively simple to make. When they were done baking around 11pm or so, I planned on trying a bite because they smelled amazing coming out of the oven. A full bagel later I needed to get to bed before I decided to break into another one. Holy cow are these bad boys amazing fresh out of the oven! And the next morning they were just as good, if not even better. My 4 yo enjoyed his and my 1 yo couldn’t get enough. I’m not sure grocery store bagels will cut it anymore. What did I get myself into?!




Any unnecessary baking you find yourself doing?

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