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I had a request from a close friend of mine to post about dressing post-baby during the summer. I’m not in this position this year, but I have been twice in the past. The summer months can be brutal, and on top of that you’re trying to lose baby weight, haul around a baby (and or toddlers etc), and deal with out of whack hormones. I realize this doesn’t apply to all of you out there, but you’ll be happy to know that the outfits I’m putting together are all non-maternity clothes that anyone can enjoy during the hot summer months. Plus, it can never hurt to have a forgiving wardrobe, right?

Here are a few ideas I put together. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful!

Post baby
Not only is this maxi a forgiving black, but its loose structure would also carry you through most baby bearing months. Fortunately you can always rely on cute shoes to fit once any swelling has gone down! A few accessories and you’re done.
Post baby 2

Post baby 2 by mzerby featuring j crew

Breezy cotton pieces are a sure bet during the summer. This skirt is great because it can also be worn as a little strapless dress, but when worn as a skirt it has a wide elastic band to work with you as you kick that body back into shape. Here you’ll find two examples of loose cotton tops. I can never have too many of these as a quick go-to. A bright scarf will draw attention to your face and not any unwanted areas.

Post baby 3

Post baby 3 by mzerby featuring a gold bracelet

This dress looks so comfortable and seems to cut in all the right places. The shade of pink is soft and pretty but I liked matching it with fun beads and a funky bracelet.

Post baby 4

Post baby 4 by mzerby featuring a cotton tunic

Finally, the leggings. To be honest, I always felt the most comfortable resorting back to my leggings, but when you pair them with a cute top and a few accessories (ie scarf, hat, jewelry) people somehow think you have it all pulled together. Let them be fooled ;) I have had a pair similar to this style for years and I continue to wear them frequently. Tunics are another great option for post pregnancy and they always call for leggings. TOMS are my comfortable go to shoe, I recommend having a few pairs on hand in various colors. They are great for kids too btw. My son gets a new pair each year and my daughter is in her first pair of sparkly TOMS thanks to a great friend ;) And isn’t it nice that most baby bags these days are disguised so beautifully?

We’re throwing a birthday party for our son and daughter this weekend, wish us luck! I’ll have those details for you next week. Have a great weekend!


  • Linda says:

    Wonderfully informative post!! Enjoyed it!! xo

  • Suzanne says:

    Hi Marisa, Long time no talk but I love your new blog. Congratulations! I just bought the gold/leather cuff. I love it for summer. Thanks.

    • marisa says:

      Hi Suzanne! Great to hear from you! Glad you’re enjoying the blog, I’m happy to inspire ;) Hope all is well!

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