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Hi guys! For those of you that follow along on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen me sharing this leopard sweatshirt, because I’ve been wearing it a whole lot. It’s one of those pieces you’re so happy to reach for because it’ll go from dress up to dress down and add a punch to any outfit! I grabbed the size small which is the perfect fit for me.

My other new favorite go-to? This MZ Wallace bag. Oh my goodness guys. I was back and forth as to what I was really looking for (an everyday bag that could be tossed around in my car, err van rather, and would hold my basics of wallet, keys, phone etc). I’ve been drawn to the MZ Wallace bags for a while, but I couldn’t figure out if I wanted a tote or this cute Sutton style. Ultimately I ended up going with the Sutton as I really liked the shape and overall look. I think the hooks give it a classy edge that allows me to pair it with outfits like I am here as opposed to a tote which leans a little more casual. The part I hadn’t paid much attention to but have been loving, is the fact that it has a strap which allows it to be converted into a crossbody bag. Then there was the issue of what color to I narrow it down to?! If you start to browse, so you’ll find endless options, but I landed on a neutral gray that will work with most all of my day to day outfits. This bag was a splurge for me, but this is a place I’m willing to invest a little more. I don’t buy bags frequently, and when I do, it’s one I’ve thought out and know I’m going to use for years to come. I’m thrilled with my bag so far and know there will likely be another MZ Wallace purchase somewhere down the road! As a side note, their site does offer 15% off your first order, so keep that in mind ;)

Details: Coat (see similar below) / Sweatshirt / Pants (similar) / Bag / Sunglasses / Bootie (similar)

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