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A Little Bra Talk

Hi Ladies! Not my typical style topic today, but one of much importance when it comes to creating your own personal style and feeling your best. Over the past few years (well, seven actually), I have been pregnant, nursing, trying to regain my body again (although those of you that have given birth know that that old body is pretty much gone) and then back on that cycle three more times. To say my body has changed is an understatement. Sure, weight has been gained and lost, muscles have been gained and lost, and my chest has gained and well, lost for good! I’ve now reached a point where none of my old bras fit the way they used to and I don’t have any plans to jump back into any nursing bras (gosh, they’re the worst!). I have tried a few within the past few months but I have yet to find one that has the fit and support (or shall we just call it lift) that I’m looking for.

I’ve recently been hearing and reading a lot about ThirdLove and their collection of bras that are designed with you in mind. One of the best features, in my opinion, is that they offer half sizes! I’ve had so many issues going between cup sizes and just like shoes, I don’t know why this isn’t always an option! When it comes to your size, they actually have an app that you can download on your phone that lets you take pictures for them to measure and accurately give you your bra size. I was assured that no images would be saved anywhere, haha! Once you have your size, it’s on to style and more of what you’re looking to get out of your bra. Below you’ll find a Bra Personality Quiz from ThirdLove that fits right in to the fall season and will help to give you some sort of direction.


I knew I was the Classic T-shirt gal before I even took the quiz, that’s just my style ;) I’m always up for a great neutral bra that will work under most any outfit. That makes getting dressed in the morning all that much easier. I have to say though, I’m not opposed to the Lace Balconette, and I’m sure my husband wouldn’t be either! I’d love to know what you ended up with?! Which bra suits your personality the best?

Want to hear one more great perk about ThirdLove? You get a 30 day trial to find out if this is the bra for you! If not, you simply return it, but otherwise, they’ll wait to charge you at the end of your trial period. I can’t find a downside here! For those of you that are in my boat and are eager to find a perfect fitting bra, ThirdLove is offering a 15% discount to A Lovely Living readers! Simply enter code:TLNOVBB15 for your discount.

I can’t wait to get mine and finally (fingers crossed!) have a great fitting bra in my life. For anyone else that gives it a try, please keep me posted. I’d love to hear how it works for you!


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