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With the majority of life happening within the walls of your home right now, I wanted to share some of the things you may find yourself on the hunt for. Lounge-wear to start, because is anyone wearing anything else? I’m reaching for all the cozy things every morning, including a bra you won’t realize you’re wearing. Also a bit of workout wear, because I’m guessing some of you are trying to get in some activity one way or another. I’ve also been keeping candles burning to add some ambiance and a fresh scent throughout the home. It’s all about the little things right now. The best part is, everything is on sale. Nordstrom is actually offering an extremely rare 25% sitewide (with a few exclusions). Aerie is 40-60% off and JCrew and Loft also have some major discounts going on.

Thinking of you as we finish out what is the first week home for most of us. My only word as you jump into the weekend is GRACE. Grace to yourself, grace to your spouse and grace to your children. Don’t worry, none of us are doing things perfectly right now, but we will get through it <3


  • Laura Bird says:

    You got me again. Darn you, Marisa!! (just kidding) I just ordered the J Crew button sweatshirt, the Lou & Grey soft drawstring pants, and the A&F quilted jacket. Your post couldn’t have been more timely and comforting. Fingers crossed everything fits when I receive it in the mail. Be safe and healthy. xx

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