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5 Ways to Wear Those Booties

I’ve recently received a number of questions/comments around the beloved bootie. How exactly do you wear them? There are actually a number of ways you could style your booties. By my count, there are five.  I browsed through my archives to dig up as many examples as I could for you. Have a look and then check out some of my bootie picks below!



  1. Baring your ankles. Let’s just pretend for examples sake that I didn’t have these pants rolled.  Ankle pants are a very flattering way to show off your booties, and by baring your ankle (aka the skinniest part of your leg) you’ll get an overall flattering look.
  2. Rolled or cuffed pants. When wearing your straight, boyfriend or bootcut jeans, you have the option of cuffing them by using a thick cuff or by rolling them a few times. Again, just enough to bare your ankles.
  3. Tucked. Tuck those skinny jeans/pants into your booties for a clean (and warm) look.
  4. With a dress/skirt. Bare those legs and throw on those booties with your fall dresses/skirts for a fun, casual look.
  5. With tights. Again with your dresses/skirts, feel free to throw on a pair of tights when those temps begin to drop!

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