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Fall Kitchen Updates

As fall continues to approach and I begin to layer up accordingly, I also find myself spending more time in our kitchen. Throughout the summer we spent a lot of our time outdoors and our grill was constantly put to use at dinner time. But as the seasons change, so does my desire to prepare more comfort foods and get back into the baking mode. It’s always fun and refreshing to make small updates every once in a while in our kitchen. Just as a new workout outfit gives me a boost of motivation to tackle my workouts, I find that same thing to be true in the kitchen. Whether it’s a practical set of bowls, a new pair of towels or a touch of life with a faux plant (I get the irony there), these things have a way of refreshing a space.

If you have yet to add a mini lamp to your kitchen counter, please let that be the first thing you add to your cart. Trust me on this one. I’ve had countless people reach out after purchasing one and their reactions are always the same, why did I wait this long to add one?! Despite the need to have endless practical things in the kitchen, you can always find a way to make them pleasing to the eye. I think retailers are finally catching on to the fact that even canisters and teapots can be pretty. Another easy but impactful change can be switching out your hand/dish soaps from their plastic containers to pretty glass dispensers. There’s an endless supply of options on Etsy alone if you care to scroll through. Place them on a cute tray with your sponge and wait until you see the difference. So, a mini lamp and new soap dispenser, got it? ;)

Loving Lately: Fall Jackets

I’m never one to rush summer on it’s way, but guys, I adore fall. For all the cliche reasons but most of all for the drop in temperatures. 60-70 degree (sunshine filled) days bring me so much joy. Our outfits obviously fall in suite with jackets being one of our key wardrobe staples. The beauty of a jacket is that you can get a ton of wear out of them, pairing one jacket with any number of outfits. My denim jacket especially goes from being topped over a maxi-dress to being worn over a t-shirt with sweatpants. And if you’ve been around for a bit, you know how much I adore my sweater blazers. They are comfortable and versatile and you don’t feel the need to remove them once indoors. I’ve lost count on how many colors I currently have hanging!

I took some time to dig a bit to find a number of styles that I’m drawn to and would recommend for fall. From the oh-so-popular shirt jackets, to practical rain jackets and blazers for work, there should be a bit for everyone’s lifestyle. You can find direct shopping links to each item below. Which is your favorite?

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It’s Friday, we have a long weekend ahead and the temperature has dropped into the 70’s which is my idea of perfection. There are a lot of great fall pieces coming out and I recently placed an order at JCrew Factory. I love both JCrew and their Factory store because you can get a range of price points but also because I can find pieces for everyone in our family. As I was browsing, outfit ideas kept coming to mind, so I decided to put together a few looks to share with you today. Many of these pieces could be mixed and matched to take you from weekday to weekend. Let me know which look is your favorite. Also worth noting, everything is up to 60% off at the moment!

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Stars and Stripes

It can be challenging moving along with our everyday lives at times when there is grief, suffering and loss happening in other parts of the world yet hitting so close to home. My heart has ached and my prayers have been lifted for the lives that were lost this past week. I feel so very grateful for those brave men and women that fought and sacrificed and for the thousands of others that continue to selflessly serve for our country. I thank you.

You can find the details for this outfit linked below. A t-shirt dress is a great summer to fall staple to have on hand and this star jacket has been growing in popularity. I’ve linked the exact jacket as well as similar options for you below.

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