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Winter Wardrobe Capsule

Happy 2019, everyone!! Yesterday was our first day getting back into our normal routine and I won’t lie, that 6:30am alarm was probably the hardest on me! Jack and Madelyn were up dressed and eating breakfast before I groggily made my way down the stairs. My Christmas decorations are only partially down and as much as I wanted to take the morning to tackle it, I found myself sitting at my regular coffee shop eager to tackle some work while I had the peace and quiet of Audrey back at preschool.

I love the energy of a fresh new year and even though I don’t have a solid resolution this year, I plan to reenforce a healthy mindset physically, mentally and spiritually. Physically I’ve been on a pretty consistent routine of running, breaking out the Sweat app at home and getting to the gym as I’m able. I also strive to reach a certain water intake daily (half my body weight in ounces). This was my resolution last year and although I don’t hit it everyday I sure try! The trick for me is keeping a water bottle with me at all times. If I don’t, I could easily go all morning without a sip. Mentally I’m working on some goals both for the blog and my color consulting business this year. I love being inspired by all the talent out there and hope I can continue to serve as a bit of inspiration to as many of you as I can. And spiritually I plan on jumping into another session of bible study at my church. We’ll be studying some of the women in the Bible and I’m really looking forward to finding out what’s in store. I always learn just as much from our small group as I do from the study itself, which is such an added blessing!

Well, today’s post has little to do with anything I’ve been discussing thus far today, but I decided I would work together a bit of a capsule wardrobe for you guys. As much as I love finding a good statement piece, my everyday pieces are what I turn to just about, well, everyday. I focused on my most worn pieces and put together a group of items that could get you through most of the winter season with a bunch of mixing and matching. I’d focus on a color palette that works for you and hone in on that. A lot of these items come in various colors, so you’d be able to adjust as needed to piece together a wardrobe that makes you happy to get dressed each day! Jump below where I discuss a bit about each piece and why I included it.



Flannel shirt: A great flannel is is a staple in my closet. I wear mine alone or layered under a sweater. Size up one to get a little more length to pair with leggings and some sneakers. This one comes in a bunch of color combos and is super soft (aka comfortable).

Denim: A great pair of jeans can be such a game changer. Madewell has been my go-to for years and they only keep getting better. This is the style I recommend to people the most frequently. I love the exposed button fly and the raw hem. Sleek and just a bit edgy. If you’re new to Madewell, make sure you sign up as an Insider (it’s free) and you’ll receive free shipping and returns.

Sweater Jacket: Despite living in an area that has rather frigid winters, I still love a good sweater coat. I often find myself running back and forth from my car and don’t always need those extra puffy layers, so many times I’ll throw on a heavy sweater jacket and a scarf and it does the trick. They typically have enough room to layer over not only shirts and button-ups, but sweatshirts and light sweaters as well.

Faux Leather Leggings: For sure, my most worn pair of leggings over the past few years. I love the character these give to an outfit and the way they can vamp it up. You can pair them with a sweatshirt and sneakers or throw on heels and a sweater dress to head out. Plus they fit like a glove and are one of the very few pairs I own that never ride down during the day. I recently ordered a pair in bronze as well because they were (and still are) on sale.

Sneakers: Sneakers are always a good idea. I’ve been wearing this pair almost as much as my booties the past few weeks and I love the sporty twist they can give an outfit.

Sweatshirt: Sweatshirts are great but tunic sweatshirts are the best! I have this one and love snuggling up in it, even when I have to be out and about. It works with leggings or jeans and you can layer up with either jacket above as well as a scarf for a cute and pulled together look.

Earrings: My most worn earrings over the past few months. I have a few colors from Nickel & Suede but this cork pair is my favorite. They come in various sizes and I wear the mediums.

Striped Tee: A long-sleeved tee is another closet staple. I love the stripes to add a little character to your outfit. You can catch this one for a steal right now.

Scarf: I’ve been wearing this scarf in green just about daily. It’s soft and chunky (but not overly chunky) and wears really well. It also comes in a few other color options.

Tunic Sweater: Tunics are great because not only are they extra comfy, but they give you that added length making them more versatile (hence more bang for your buck) to pair over your leggings as well. This sweater would look cute over the leggings with sneakers and this jacket, or swap out the leggings for jeans and the sneaks for booties.

Jacket: This coat keeps selling out, and then restocking, and then selling out. It’s fantastic, so I get why. It comes in both green and brown and at the moment sizes are available in both colors here. Any warm, cozy teddy coat would do, but I love this one in particular because it is collarless and has massive pockets. It does run large though, so be sure to size down at least one if not two sizes.

Monogram Necklace: One of my favorite and most worn necklaces. I love that it can go casual or dressy and looks just as chic both ways. This would also make a great gift for a friend or sister.

Wedge Bootie: These were quite a splurge for me, but I have been getting so much wear out of them. I also have someone stop and ask me about them just about every time I’m out. There’s something about the wedge bootie that adds something extra. It gives you some extra height without sacrificing a bit of comfort and they are weather proof and work with almost all of my outfits these days. So if you’re contemplating how to use that Christmas money, let me recommend these to you.

Chambray Shirt: This is something that has and will be on any capsule wardrobe I’ll likely ever put together. It’s such a necessary piece that you can use to intermix various pieces in your wardrobe and create countless looks with.