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Cozy Sweater


It’s always this time of year when all the sales go into full-swing, that I become a sweater hoarder! I love being cozy and warm and with so many great options out there it’s hard to resist! Oh and let me not forget to mention that this one (along with a bunch of others) is currently $30! I’ve also worn it with skinny jeans and OTK boots and love that combo as well. My coat is unfortunately from last year, but for all of you others that love a good pink coat as much as I do, I’ve gathered some options for you to check out below!







Details: LOFT sweater / LOFT pants / Kate Spade coat (see options below) / Loafers (similar) / Kate Spade bag (similar here and budget friendly option here)

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

Today I’m sharing my holiday gift guide for kids! The majority of these gifts are tried and true toys that have served for hours and hours of fun in our home. Have a look for yourself and see what might light up that little one’s eyes…


1 . Chronicles of Narnia Box Set: My 7 yo son and I have been reading through this set for the past few months. I had never read any others besides The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, so I’m finding it just as enjoyable to read these classic books and spend some quiet time with him each evening.

2. Guess Who: I love that so many classic games are still around and I love that my kids love them just as much as I did!

3. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk: I get that not every little girl is into dress up, but my 4 year old is out of control in this department!

4. Cuddle + Kind Dolls: This might be my favorite gift on today’s guide. These dolls are not only adorable and unique, but with each one purchased 10 children in need are provided a meal! There are a number of animals to choose from and many come in two sizes. I ordered a pair of bunnies for the girls and I cannot wait to give them to them!

5. Bean Bag Chair: My older two children have had these bean bags for a few years and my youngest will be getting one for Christmas. Not only are they great for movies and video games, but my kids enjoying piling them up and running into them relentlessly :)

6. Classic Legos: My son is often gifted Lego sets which he loves, but when it comes to everyday play is nice to have more of the basics to allow that creativity to flourish.

7. XBox One: My husband and son received this as a joint gift last year for Christmas. I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want video games to become an all too regular thing in our house or something that I’d constantly be setting limits on. But over the past year the two of them have had so much fun playing soccer and football together a few times a week that I don’t so much mind it anymore :)

8. Kidcraft Kitchen: This kitchen has been a fixture for the past 4 years in our home. The girls (ages 4 and 1) have basically taken it over by this point, but it gets used nearly everyday. I am fed A LOT of food :)

9. Lite Brite: Another classic toy that I’m so happy to see is around. We don’t own this yet, but in another year or two I’ll be tempted to grab one for my daughter!

10. Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo: My 1 yo finds so much enjoyment out of interactive toys. She also loves to dance, so when my husband and I came across this guy we knew it would be the perfect gift for her. Bounds of laughter are guaranteed to be shared as we watch her Christmas morning!

11. Teepee: These are extremely popular these days and it must be for good reason!

12. Melissa & Doug Puppet Theater: Our kids have this set and although they enjoy it the most when their Poppop is here to entertain, they all get a kick out of putting on a show. We have some of these puppets to go along with it.

13. Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter: We’ve had this scooter since my son was three and outside of having to replace a wheel (which they offer on their site) it’s still in great condition and gets used daily in the summertime.

14. Chutes and Ladders: One final classic game that’s right up my alley. Just don’t send my 4 yo down a chute, yikes!!!