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Monthly Archives for October 2016

Striped Turtleneck


Well, I’m a week into my ‘no clothes/shoes shopping October’ and I’m doing alright. Had I not been on this freeze I just may have ordered this or this, but I’m doing just as well without them…really ;) This is also a good test for me to see what pieces I may or may not still be thinking about come the end of the month…my guess is very few! Speaking of things to think about, you should check out this turtleneck. I love the Audrey Hepburn vibe (especially in black which is just about sold out online) and it’s sleek look. I’ve only had it for a few weeks and have worn it 3 or 4 times. It’s also a great base layer to pair with sweaters, vests and jackets (I’ve worn it under this).






Details: LOFT turtleneck* (and here) / LOFT denim (similar)* / Belt (similar)* / Boots (similar here and here) / Madewell Tote / Wrap bracelet / Earrings (similar)

  • *Use LOFT code FALLFEST for 40% off

Grey + Pink


I have a problem when it comes to peplum…I can’t say no!! Yes, I love the feminine ruffle detail, but I also love how that detail can turn an ordinary shirt into a statement. This top in particular is great for fall because it’s made of a slightly warmer knit. It almost feels like you’re wearing a light sweater. It’s adorable with denim and sneakers or dressed up a bit with these adorable pink block heels (be still my heart)! They are an online exclusive (that’s almost sold out so I have a number of similar options listed below) that were returned to my local store. They weren’t my size so the store ordered them for me and now I’m looking for all the excuses to take them out for walks ;)







Details: LOFT top / Gap pants / LOFT shoes (see other options below) / Stella & Dot necklace (similar) / Kate Spade bag (similar) / Michael Kors watch


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My husband and I had a fantastic time as we celebrated the marriage of two of our friends. After being in heels for nearly an entire day, it only seems appropriate to focus on comfortable style to start off my week. I love the athleisure trend and hope it stays around as more of a style and not necessarily a trend. Although this is not something I’d recommend one turn to everyday, it’s certainly a relaxed way to pull yourself together and at least a step or two above pj status ;) I admittedly have mornings where I don’t have time for a shower and this is the outfit direction I immediately head towards. There are other mornings where I’ll squeeze in an early morning run and in turn don’t have the time to shower until nap time (for the kids, that is), so I guess that gives me a more legitimate reason to remain in my athletic wear for at least half the day! Whatever your reason, you have my approval step forward with this trend looking relaxed yet stylish.

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