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Loving Lately: Pink

Or should I say, Loving Always?  There are a handful of colors I am drawn to wear….grays, blues and greens also top that list, but pink is always included, regardless the season. Here’s some eye candy for your Friday. I’ve included some items I have my eye on for the girls as well. The headband is a must for any little babes you may know. We have a few colors and they are oh so comfortable on Audrey’s sweet little head :)



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Merry Little…

Alright guys, I’m not one to rush the seasons, although I know it looks as though I am! I’ll be honest, my husband has already broken out the Christmas music as we prepare dinner and we’ve all been enjoying it! I know a part of this is because we are actually in a home, our home, this year and that thrills me to no end. I’ve had the spot scouted out for our tree for months, and I’m just beginning to envision the way I’m going to lay out the holiday decor. I’ve been browsing a bit so I figured I would share some of what I’ve been finding. It can’t hurt to start planning and get everything in order (and catch the sales as they come along!) because we all know how these next few weeks fly by!




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Bows + Polka Dots


I’m not one to shy away from feminine details. In fact, I tend to run straight towards them. Polka dots, topped off with a big old bow? Sign me up! It’s details like these that make an outfit effortless to put together. It’s basically a sweatshirt and jeans (hello comfort!) but it makes a big impact. If you’ve been reading for a while you may remember this or this outfit, which prove even further what a sucker I am for bows. This top came from the Kate Spade outlet recently. If you live near one, you can grab this for basically a steal. And if not, I have some other fun options for you to check out below.







Details: Kate Spade top (see options below) / DL1961 denim / Madewell booties / Stella & Dot necklace / Michael Kors watch


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