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Life Lately

It’s been a busy summer for sure and I still can’t wrap my head around it being August already! We’re still tackling a lot of projects around our new home, but we are also slowing down our pace a bit to enjoy some pool time….and popsicles….and s’mores while we still can. You may have also noticed that I’m falling into a MWF posting schedule. Granted, that’s always subject to change, but it seems to be working out for the time being. I want to do my best to get quality content to you, be here as a wife/mom to my family and get a little sleep at night when I can ;) I thank you all for tuning in day after day….it’s fun having you around and keeps blogging exciting!

Now, on to the fun that’s been going on around here…

Little Miss Audrey turns 3 months old this weekend. Crazy, just crazy. She is really coming to life these days, chatting it up with anyone that will listen :)


My grandmother is eager for us to rummage through her basement. She pulled out this beautiful picnic table for the kids this past week and had my brother bring it over. They just don’t make things like they used to!


Speaking of tables, we finally have a kitchen table! Much of the rest of the house remains empty, but a kitchen table is a key piece for us and I couldn’t be happier to have that space filled!



Now, on to the weekend. Cheers!


Every so often I find myself trying to pull an outfit together based on one piece I want to wear. Be it a top, a necklace, pants or a skirt, I can drive myself crazy when outfits don’t come together as I had hoped. One way to solve that problem? Throw on a jumpsuit or a romper! They are so sleek and simple yet they come off making such a statement. And talk about ease, you’re covered in one piece…literally! I spent last evening browsing around and came across a ton that I’d love to try. Which of these could you see yourself in?



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Old Favorites


There are some clothes that I tire of all too quickly, but alternatively there are others that I continue to turn to year after year. I blogged about this sweater here when I had just started out in the blogging world. Two years later and not only do I continue to love it, but it’s still available for sale at Aritzia! Granted it’s offered in different colors, but I’m totally tempted by the pink and mint green! Lightweight sweaters are perfect for summer and early fall and the feminine details of the low-back and ribbon ties are likely the reason I continue to turn to this one year after year.







Details: Aritzia sweater / AG denim (similar) / Stella & Dot necklace / DV by dolce vita shooties (similar) / Michael Kors watch / RaBan aviators