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Monthly Archives for October 2017

PomPom Sweatshirt

When we have the kids in tow, I’ve been throwing out the option of being in ‘mommy’s photos’ to them every now and then. Madelyn has been the most eager but I’m hoping Jack will will decide to jump in one of these days. Too cool third graders ;) Audrey would likely be a blur […]

How To: Style Overalls for Fall

Following on the tail of Monday’s post, I thought it might be a good idea to pull together some of my overall looks (styled for fall in particular) to give you more examples of just how many ways you can wear them. These looks are from the past year or so and they are all […]

Overall Layers

The ground may have been wet, but we had a great day for picking pumpkins over the weekend. The only problem was that every pumpkin in the patch was gigantic, so we decided to pick out one big family pumpkin…that dad could carry ;) I shared some of the day on Instagram and had every […]

Weekend Steals

Happy Friday, guys! Between a migraine and rainy weather this week, any plans I had of shooting another look were quickly thrown out the window. The good thing is, there are plenty of sales for me to share with you at some of my favorites. I love the Free People brand, and I’ve been finding […]

OTK Boots: Under $150

Over the knee boots have come a long way. Years ago it seemed almost promiscuous to wear them…think Pretty Woman here ;) Now we wear them around with skinny jeans and over-sized sweaters which is much more up my alley! As they started to gain more momentum a few years ago, it seemed impossible to […]

Boho Floral

We spent this past weekend in NY along the Hudson with my husband’s extended family for a long overdue reunion. There were six kids, most of whom had never met one another and they had a better time than we ever could have imagined! The house we stayed in was gigantic (it held 7 families […]

Rainy Day

Happy Friday, friends! We are off and on our way to NY for my husband’s family reunion this weekend. I’m excited to see all of the children together because it’s been a few years since everyone has been together. A few things are for sure with this crowd…it will be loud (very loud), there will […]

Insta Lately

I may have started out the week by wishing people a great weekend when it was only Monday, HA, but the week really is flying by! I have my hands on a few design projects at the moment and they’ve been consuming my time, in a great way though. I do promise to start sharing […]

Eyelet Top

I hope you all had a great weekend! My kids passed around a cold these past few weeks and this was a great weekend for them to rest up and re-coop. Madelyn, my 5 yo, in particular required a little catching up…she took a nap on Saturday that lasted nearly 4 hours! But she wasn’t […]

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